Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 10 Tweets About the Superbowl Blackout



10. @Maureenoco: "Just plug a generator into Beyonce's hips. Problem sovled."

9. @NeilTyson: "Not that anyone asked, but every adult human radiates at about 100 Watts - in infared."

8. @MichaelBittner: ""Uh, I don't like being in dark areas with Ray Lewis." -Everyone in the Superdome."

7. @MessagesWeLove: "A picture from the Super Bowl"

6. @BriMcCardle: "Somewhere, a crowded Buffalo Wild Wings is going nuts."

5. @Pareene: "Superdome IT guy currently smuggling dinosaur DNA samples out of the stadium."

4. @kevinBoughton: "Ray Lewis didn't kill the power...but he was there when it happened."

3. @Mat: "This tribute to the victims of Katrina is remarkably thought-provoking, even if I will admit to not getting it at first. Wow. Mind blown."

2. @AndrewDasNYT: "Manti Te'o says his new girlfriend is an electrician and should have this fixed soon.

1. @SuperBowlLights: "My bad." (They create Twitter feed, gain 18.5K followers and then have all tweets deleted by NFL in only an hour).

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