Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Check Out The New Guy....

2013 MINI Paceman

On Friday, Feb. 22, 2013, Tom Bush MINI was fortunate enough to have a brief glimpse of the ALL New 2013 MINI Paceman at the Sneak peak event.  Some at the event, called it the nicest MINI yet!  Below are some pictures from the Sneak Peak. 

The MINI Paceman is the first 2-door MINI with optional All4-all wheel drive.  It will be available in a Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper S All4.  A raked roofline gives the Paceman an instantly recognizable look.  The interior is spacious and the elevated seating provides a commanding view of the road and instrument panel that is stunning.

The starting price will be around $23,900, with as much as 35 mpg.  To see the full specs click here. To reserve yours, please contact visit Tom Bush MINI/Paceman

Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 10 Tweets About the Superbowl Blackout



10. @Maureenoco: "Just plug a generator into Beyonce's hips. Problem sovled."

9. @NeilTyson: "Not that anyone asked, but every adult human radiates at about 100 Watts - in infared."

8. @MichaelBittner: ""Uh, I don't like being in dark areas with Ray Lewis." -Everyone in the Superdome."

7. @MessagesWeLove: "A picture from the Super Bowl pic.twitter.com/xB6nLU76"

6. @BriMcCardle: "Somewhere, a crowded Buffalo Wild Wings is going nuts."

5. @Pareene: "Superdome IT guy currently smuggling dinosaur DNA samples out of the stadium."

4. @kevinBoughton: "Ray Lewis didn't kill the power...but he was there when it happened."

3. @Mat: "This tribute to the victims of Katrina is remarkably thought-provoking, even if I will admit to not getting it at first. Wow. Mind blown."

2. @AndrewDasNYT: "Manti Te'o says his new girlfriend is an electrician and should have this fixed soon.

1. @SuperBowlLights: "My bad." (They create Twitter feed, gain 18.5K followers and then have all tweets deleted by NFL in only an hour).